Marc James Lightroom Presets - Pack 01

Marc James Lightroom Presets - Pack 01

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  • 10 Colour + 3 Black & White Lightroom Presets

  • Designed to work best with landscapes and outdoor photography  

  • Fully customisable to suit any editing style 

  • Designed for RAW files but can be used with JPEG’S

  • Works with both Lightroom Desktop (Mac/Windows)

  • DNG files included for mobile (No Lightroom Desktop Version or CC subscription needed)

  • Instant Download via Email 

  • Secure checkout using Level 1 PCI compliant & 128 bit SSL encryption

  • Installation guide included below 

Please see below for a more detailed look at each preset and also FAQ.


Introducing the first Lightroom preset pack from Marc James.

These presets have been developed and designed over the past year to make sure they will look best with a couple of simple clicks. They include a wide range of looks and feels to suit all types of photography and shooting styles. 

The presets are best used when applied to RAW photos as opposed to JPGS. It's important to note you will most likely still need to fine-tune things like your ExposureContrast, Highlights and so forth to get your photo looking exactly the way you want. If you did shoot in RAW, then adjusting these things are super easy. Each preset can be completely customized so the way they can be used is totally up to your imagination! 


Preset Examples - Colour

01 - Neat

02 - Nightfall

03 - Burgundy

04 - Scroch

05 - Flux

06 - Alley

07 - Faded

08 - Royal

09 - Less

10 - Summer

Black & White

11 - Jet

12- Onyx

13 - Iron


Compatible with Lightroom CC, Classic CC and Mobile.


How To Install

Secure Checkout

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Q: What are Lightroom Presets?
A: A Lightroom Preset is a look or feel that can quickly be applied to your photo and improve it with just the click of a button. They are pre-made photo filters, often with over 40 settings pre-adjusted. Most presets will require some adjustments once placed on an image. This is due to the fact that every photo has been shot in different lighting conditions, therefore, there will be adjustments that need to be made to fit the environment the photo was shot in.

Q: What version of Lightroom are these presets compatible with?
A: The Marc James Lightroom Presets - Pack 01 is compatible with all the latest versions of Adobe Lightroom CC, Classic CC and Mobile. 

Q: Can I use these Lightroom Presets if I only use Lightroom CC Mobile?
A: Yes, there are also DNG files included in this pack which you can use to copy into your Lightroom CC mobile app.

Q: Do your presets work with RAW and JPEG files?
A: Yes, however the presets do work best with RAW images. RAW files have more data in things like exposure, highlights, colours, etc to give you the best control over the look of your image.

Q: If I buy a new computer can I transfer my presets? 
A: Yes! Once you have the zip. folder downloaded you will be able to transfer that folder to any new computer and import the presets like you did the first time.

Q: Are your downloads instant? 

A: Yes! All downloads are instant and can be found on the screen after payment or via a link with the email provided. 

Q: What currency do you use?
A: Everything in the store is in USD (U.S. dollar)

Q: How do I install Lightroom Presets?
A: See above for how to install on Lightroom CC, Classic CC and Mobile.

Q: Are refunds available?
A: No - all sales are final. If the presets don’t work for you or there is an error. Please use my contact page and I’ll do my best to help.

Q: What makes your presets different?
A: The market is pretty saturated with presets with people charging a lot for very little. Being the perfectionist I am, I have spent over the last year designing each preset, meticulously reviewing how they look and making them the best they can be. I am very proud with this first pack and only use these presets when editing my photos now.